Inspirational Images: Stars and Stripes

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Boy iD May 87 Sandro Hyams

All set to replace the Fiorucci First swimsuit classic is the stars and stripes range from BOY. Perfect for poolside posing (as is anything from BOY these days) these natty one pieces also lend themselves to watery pursuits and are specially made so as not to discolour in chlorine, unlike some designer dip suits. Wear them downt he lido or save them for evening. The lycra tight tops under your strides are just the ticket for stress free strutting ,and boys will no doubt be pleased to see the stars and stripes trunks which, as we all know, are the perfect acessory to wear over the trousers of any pinstripe suit.

Photographed by Sandro Hyams.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from iD magazine, May 1987