Passion For Fashion

bill gibb, eye candy, ossie clark, Paco Rabanne, schiaparelli, vivienne westwood

Thursday will see Kerry Taylor’s Passion for Fashion auction take place in London. With the cream of couture on display, it’s hard not to drool all over your computer screen. Here are a few Vintage-a-Peel favourite picks, and a tissue to delicately dab away the involuntary dribbling…

Ossie Clark

Bill Gibb
Roberto Capucci

Vivienne Westwood
Paco Rabanne

Mad Carpentier

Alix (Gres)

In my fantasy world, I’ve won the lottery and all these will belong to me. You may all, of course, come and play dress up in my Italian Palazzo and enjoy a private Duran Duran show. Well…that’s what fantasy worlds are for, are they not?

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