Fashion Icon: Pamela Des Barres

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Fashion Icon: Pamela Des Barres

I was recently loaned a copy of I’m With The Band and felt a natural affinity to Miss Pamela’s romantic ups and downs. Her desire to find her niche in life is very powerfully expressed and she’s an engaging hostess for her own life story. Perhaps because she was amongst the first recognised groupies, you feel she’s more genuine than most who followed in her wake. She really was genuinely being swept along by the music and the sexual revolution of the Sixties, rather than seeking the celebrity which so many seem to be motivated towards. And, of course, the word ‘groupie’ has different meanings for different people: for the Girls Together Outrageously it was clearly more about comradeship.

She was also attainably gorgeous. Even before I had read the book, I knew her as an absolute style icon. One of the handful of such women who could actually convince me to go blonde, because it just looks so fantastic on her. That soft, hippy look which was usually quite homemade and ramshackle – giving it an extra level of charm. Remnants and rags were stitched together to create dresses which look like they’ve been sized up from a tatty Victorian doll, and she painted the biggest eyelashes I’ve ever seen. Then in the early Seventies she darkened her hair and smartened up her look for a full-on vamp groupie look, with platforms and stockings, curls and lipstick. She still looks incredible now, and from what I hear is an incredibly lovely person. So, Miss Pamela, we salute you!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Icon: Pamela Des Barres

  1. Ahhh, I love her! Her books are so great too- remind me of when I was younger and more irresponsible! hahaThis reminds me to finish a blog entry I started writing a few weeks ago about two of my favourite groupies of yesteryear…

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