Vintage Adverts: Pimm’s Again!

1970s, pimm's, Vintage Adverts

I seem to be strangely captivated by vintage adverts at the moment, so my apologies if my posts are becoming a little ad-orientated. But they are very entertaining, and certainly a far cry from the type of ads Vogue run nowadays…for shame. They’re so generic and boring now!

Another Pimm’s one…

Yes, indeed, there is nothing like a Pimm’s at a time like this. When you’ve got dolled up in your sparkly flapper dress and your stupid husband has turned up in a cricket vest. There’s nothing like a Pimm’s for tipping over his head and making him go and change into a decent suit.

p.s I don’t hate cricket vests, in case any cricketers are offended by my comments. The Fifth Doctor Who was one of my first crushes. Just not as eveningwear. A-thank you.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Adverts: Pimm’s Again!

  1. Someone needs to start a School for Male Style and make it mandatory attendance until they’ve proven they can dress themselves properly.Nick Rhodes can be the headmaster or something….

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