Your body’s still damp, from your one room apartment…

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I know David Sylvian disowns Japan’s debut album, Adolescent Sex. I know early Eighties Sylvian is infinitely superior in a soulful, shy indie boy kind of way. I know the songs are more intricate and beautiful. But I just can’t shake it….

The pretty hair. The floppy cuffs. The flares. The girly make-up. The sexy, vaguely Imagination-esque sound they were peddling back then. It just does it for me, I’m afraid. It’s a bit grimy, a bit rock’n’roll, a bit glam rock and a lot sexy…

They even covered Barbra Streisand. And Sylvia is infinitely prettier too.

4 thoughts on “Your body’s still damp, from your one room apartment…

  1. Soulful, shy indie boys are superior to proper edgy rock'n'rollers?! No way!I know I like pretty musicians, but the growly exciting ones still lure me away. Hence my tendancy to be distracted by the very rock'n'roll drumming by Roger Taylor instead of the Rhodian swooshiness at gigs. Ooops. It's like a light goes on in my soul when the rock'n'roll starts and all sense goes ut the window.I could be sat there having an illuminating conversation with Nick Rhodes about imagery during the Italian Renaisance and if Ronnie Wood walked in playing guitar I'd be utterly lost.So boo hiss Sylvia, I love the Adolescent Sex album best of all. Deal with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have some nice tofu while I comb your hair. Pretty pretty.But just wait til we're at the Albert Hall and The Who launch into The Real Me. ๐Ÿ˜€ Instant transformation into growling, clawing, street fighting, room trashing rock'n'roll girly….if John Taylor is in the audience and ready to take up the bass I might end up jumping on stage and taking out poor Pino for the sake of rock'n'roll.

  2. I'd forgotten how much i used to adore David Sylvian. I still have my vinyl copy of Adolescent sex and play it once in a blue moon. I think today may be one of those days. Thanks for reminding me . x

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