More Veruschka Tonik

1970s, veruschka, Vintage Adverts
Vogue, March 1973

No, I haven’t distilled some Essence of Veruschka. It’s another in the series of adverts she did for Tonik by Dormeuil. One day I hope to complete the set.

2 thoughts on “More Veruschka Tonik

  1. Thank you!!! I have searched forever for this image, last seen on my teen bedroom wall. Why do kids throw out stuff so blindly in their quest to move on? (my advice: dump all into a “Someday Chest” for when you finally catch up with yourself) I too am hoping to find the rest of this set (at least one more interior): the ultimate gender-playing hedonistic decadent images to pluck at any teen’s eyeballs, libido, heartstrings. All the sin an innocent-but-hopeful boy/girl could dream 😉 An even bigger thank you for your super-long treasure-filled pages of comment, fashion and model beauty, The Avengers, Dr, Who [stop!]. Which will wear out first: my mouse, my eyes, my “internet device” or my mind? Naive question: Veruschka x2 here or Veruschka +who? PS look for random treasures on my Pinterest page

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