Monsieur Le Stud

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A few weeks back I discovered the soundtrack album to The Stud in a charity shop in Hove. At a mere £1, and featuring my beloved Sweet and Roxy Music, I couldn’t resist.

I was also entertained to discover an advert on the inner gatefold for ‘Monsieur Le Stud’, a range of aftershaves etc with a brilliant description of what the pong must have been like….

Legendary are the powers attributed to musk and ginseng from which the fragrances of life and love have been extracted. Now in union, carefully balanced and blended with essences from exotic flowers, mosses and herbs to create a pleasing distinctive masculine fragrance.

We warn you that wearing ‘Monsieur Le Stud’ can be very demanding.

Some things never change, do they? Wanky perfume descriptions and novelty perfumes least of all. Saying that, I am now somewhat desperate to find a bottle to give to M. So if anyone comes across it, and can bear to part with it, please do let me know!

Now I don’t like to cast aspersions upon Monsieur Le Stud but I suspect that it might be a little overpowering, so you might need to open a window. Which brings me to Sweet’s ‘Love is like Oxygen’, as featured on the soundtrack. I need no excuse to post Sweet videos, really, but I thought I would make the effort…

5 thoughts on “Monsieur Le Stud

  1. Joan Collins was a beautiful looking woman. And still isn't looking too shabby.Jackie Collins however, should be shot for crimes against literature.There are is some great music on the soundtrack.

  2. there were some very errr powerful mens fragrances in the 70s, wasn't there one that had the tag line'it's got a kick like a mule' or was that beer? Actually is there much differnece?

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