1960s, mary quant, sarcasm, Vintage Adverts

Not only did Mary Quant invent the mini*, the duvet cover*, tights*, make-up*, the bread bin*, hotpants* and pvc clothing*, but I can now exclusively reveal that she also invented…

…the vitamin pill!

From October 1968

*All nonsense in my opinion, but I have only “made up” one of them. I’ll leave you to decide which one…

6 thoughts on “Newsflash!

  1. Penny Dreadful Quite right too!!Vintage Vixen My nan worked in the factory which used to make and package the Mary Quant make-up, so the crayons were a staple part of my childhood dresssing up facilities. And they were crap, especially compared to Barry M or Biba!Brownwindsor "You see, nobody had thought to do the 'Big Society' so I decided to invent it…"

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