Saucy Seventies Smalls: Zandra Rhodes

underwear, Vogue, zandra rhodes

There’s just something about Seventies lingerie shoots which floats my boat. Something about the vaseline-smeared David Hamilton/Sarah Moon-ness (even when it’s neither of them), natural (and generally smaller-scaled) breasts and the lingerie itself is completely my favourite style. It’s got that Thirties edge, but with a saucy Seventies twist. I don’t have any Zandra underwear, I’m mainly kitted out by Charnos if you really must know, but this amazing shoot makes me want some right now!

Vogue, December 1977. Photos by Eric Boman

4 thoughts on “Saucy Seventies Smalls: Zandra Rhodes

  1. Indeed. I prefer smaller breasted women anyway, so this era suits me. Of course, I was a boy in the 1970's. Just about the time a boy starts noticing women. So this look is firmly established as an erotic anchor for me.The lingerie in the pictures looks so nice on a woman – and yet the irony being that it makes me unable to wait to fetch it off. Of course, that's the point.For all it's scantiness, most modern lingerie doesn't do as much for me.

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