My hair problems may be solved!

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Except I need to invent time travel first. Dang.

Thank you to those very kind ladies who commented very lovely things about my hair on my La Peau Douce post. I think it’s just in need of a very thorough trim and a bit more of an effort on my part, which makes me feel quite negative about it. Honestly, I want the results without the endless rollers or icky hairspray and I’ll probably want Stevie Nicks hair the next day. Looking at the above advert, at this very exact moment, I want either 2 or 3’s Noosha Fox-esque styles. I’m so fickle…

Advert from Honey magazine, October 1968

6 thoughts on “My hair problems may be solved!

  1. My hair's been driving me nuts lately too honey, so I feel your pain. But I'm very lucky in that I can just bite the bullet one day and attack it with a pair of scissors and a bit of hair dye. I've cut mine to shoulder length and changed the shade of blonde at the front this week but still can't be bothered to re-tint the back. It doesn't help that I've not quite decided whether to stay two tone or go back to full blonde. I want to be blonde, but the two tone requires less styling and lets me wear clothes (colourwise) I've never got away with before. *sigh*Most of the time I haaaaaate having to style my hair properly everytime I wash it. But when I don't I feel the pain of the mess that is random curl. I envy Charley's ability to go to bed with wet hair. You just don't ever want to see what I look like if I do that, LOL!!!Anyway, I'm all for wigs. Am toying with the idea of buying a marilyn, but I'll need to save up for a real hair one so I can style it. I want all the ones in that picture too. Especially the blonde ringlet hairpieces. I've wanted a proper set of sixties piece ringlets for soooo long.So giddy to see my mum's heated rollers in that picture too. She said they were old but I didn't realise they were *that* old. They're the ones I learnt rollering with. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, it's no 3 for me too. I'm always threatening to cut off my hair and buy a wig, I used to have a silver bob wig (think UFO) but over the years it has discolured.

  3. Number 6 is fascinating, reminds me a bit of The Grinch movie!! Imagine walking under a low beam, you could end up entangled!!For the Stevie Nicks look, I've discovered a new way of rag-rolling with…torn up J-cloths, because they absorb and dry they are quicker and seem to hold better. But as the fabric is so thin you need to beware ultra skinny tight 80s curls by using wide strips.

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