The Pleasure/Pain Principle

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Oh dearest readers. I have been laid up in agony for most of the weekend courtesy of a pulled/trapped something-or-other in my shoulder/arm. It’s been a bit hellish at times, two nights in a row I was only able to get four hours sleep and I’m still waking up every two or so hours in almost unbearable pain. Hot water bottles and codeine are my friends right now.

It started out so beautifully though. For M’s birthday, we went to a beautiful hotel in the Sussex countryside. In fact, the same location as last year. I’m hoping it will become an annual tradition because the hotel, grounds and restaurant are completely and utterly divine. Even *I* managed breakfast on both days. And I never do breakfast in hotels.

M is now in possession of a menswear Biba nightshirt/kaftan (I keep saying it makes him look very John Paul Getty. I wish I looked like Talitha.) and a draught-excluder, made by mine own fair hands, *proud of self*, amongst other things. We celebrated by doing quite a lot of walking in the crisp, misty February air, drinking some champagne and, later, a scrum-diddly-umptious beanfeast. With no beans involved. And with a Michelin star.

My hair wasn’t really behaving, as per, and I’m in a bit of a shy mood photographically right now. But here are my YSL shoes (having long-overdue outing), seamed stockings and the hem of my Bus Stop dress.

And here is a [deliberately] blurry photo of the top of the dress. It’s black satin, ridiculously puffed sleeves and an integral choker, which is perfect for a jewellery dunce like me. I always forget to either bring anything or to put it on before leaving, so I’m rather fond of things which prevent me from even needing it.

On the way back, we found a splendiferously old-school charity shop where I picked up some decorated coupes for myself (£1 each). It’s rare enough to find coupes which aren’t Babycham-branded, but decorated non-Babycham coupes have got to be worth picking up!

And I have decided to become the anti-platitude by buying two books largely for the incredibly illustrated covers.

It has caused me to ponder if judging a book by its cover is really such a bad thing? After all, the point of a cover is to give an impression of the insides, otherwise it’s not doing its job, surely? Musings about appearance and clothes ensue, and I find myself going round in circles. Far more interesting, for me, than London Fashion Week anyway…

10 thoughts on “The Pleasure/Pain Principle

  1. Get well soon, gorgeous! Gorgeous finds, I love a vintage book cover.Is your hair crisis over because your locks are looking fabulous. xxxPS Ice packs on the painful bits, much more effective…honest!

  2. Thank you both for your lovely comments!Vix, the hair crisis was because I didn't really have enough time to set my curls properly. So I had to use a tonne of hairspray, which I really hate the feel of. I'm a bad vintage lady. Thank you for saying that xxIce? Ouchhhhh….might try that later but I'm not sure I'll be able to cope!!

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well Liz, hope you perk up soon. I agree with Vix, your hair is looking amazing. And I love every bit of that outfit. I got a Lee Bender in the post today but not a Bus Stop, and way too small for me anyway – BOO. Your collection must be absolutely incredible xx

  4. Sorry to hear you are still in pain. Have you tried any pain relief gels? The Nurofen one is quite soothing. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

  5. You look utterly divine as always.I said to Brenda minutes before she met you "it won't make any difference if she's been through hell on the underground and dragged through a hedge backwards by a rotweiler, she'll still arrive looking the epitome of calm dressed and styled like a vintage vogue model". She whispered minuts after you arrived that it was true. So there.*((hugs you gently) because of the pain and demands you see a chiropractor ASAP who will untrap the nerve and have you emerging all fresh and new within minutes*

  6. Hi my dear-wishing you a much speedy recovery, what a horrible pain to have. Sounds like you've had such a wonderful time too and just adoring your outfit, the shoes and dress are just gorgeous xx

  7. Thank you all again. I feel a lot better today, although still fairly twingey (and whingey, probably) so hopefully it's just taking a little time to heal up properly. I'm also medicating with chocolate, because…you know….it heals everything. ;)And I'm blushing at your lovely comments. I credit Lee Bender for making some of the most wearable vintage pieces I own, so much so I really struggle to sell them. And I really ought to.Senti, I think I *felt* like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards that day so I'm amazed that Brenda said that. xx I still feel like a bag lady next to you and Charley sometimes!!! I need more Viv in my life… 😉

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