Mensday: The Loves of Laurence Harvey

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The timings of my acquisitions are most bizarre sometimes. For instance, last week I bought a copy of ‘Everywoman’ in my aforementioned Snooper’s Paradise session in Brighton. Contained within was an interview with Laurence Harvey about his failed marriage to Margaret Leighton. I knew I had to scan it for Mensday; his look was far too awesome not to show you. But then barely a week later, I received a copy of Cosmopolitan from July 1972, and lo! who should be on the cover but Lawrence Harvey. This time photographed (rather more sexily than before, I might add) with his new fiancée, Paulene Stone.

Everywoman, July 1965

So I go to look him up on Wikipedia, to see how long that one lasted, and I find out that he died a year later in 1973. Which has made me feel rather sad. I mean, he squeezed a lot into his 45 years (married three times, there was even one fitted in between Margaret Leighton and Paulene Stone!) but still….

Interesting fact, Harvey and Stone had a daughter called Domino in 1969. She became a bounty hunter and died of a drugs overdose in 2005, the same year a film about her life (starring Keira *yawn* Knightley) was released.

5 thoughts on “Mensday: The Loves of Laurence Harvey

  1. If you've never seen it, I heartily recommend you see Harvey at his all-time best in The Manchurian Candidate. It's such a disturbingly dark film, all the more so because of how it stands out among its contemporaries. Harvey was born to play that role…he's magnificent in it.

  2. Oh my gosh…he's one of my all time favourite chaps! I like him in Dandy in Aspic and the Manchurian Candidate….fab film. Brilliant actor and a helluva boy!xxx

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