Inspirational Images: Brigitte Bardot in Cannes, 1953

1950s, brigitte bardot, cannes, headscarves, Inspirational Images

Brigitte and companion in Cannes, circa 1953

Brigitte rocking the headscarf look here, in an unusual candid shot.

I can’t help but love her as a brunette. Her very early period (seen here) and her later Sixties, early Seventies looks are my favourites. I resisted the Bardot love for a long while because it seemed such a cliché. I mean, who doesn’t cite her as an inspiration? But she’s a hard one to fight…

Scanned from Woman’s Mirror, May 1962

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Brigitte Bardot in Cannes, 1953

  1. Apologies if I've mentioned this before – but my theory is Lady Penelope and Parker from Thunderbirds are based on Serge and BB. Check out the Bonny and Clyde video for evidence.PS pop across to my place tomorrow for a peep at London's grooviest new boutique..

  2. Recently fell over some clips from Le Mepris on YouTube (I was trying to figure out whether Stereo Total amused me, or whether their lack of singing talent or Synth skill irritated the hell out of me) and she looked *fab* in the brunette wig. I actually preferred it to her real hairdo. a side note, some twit has commented on the video that BB looks like Kate Moss. I don't think they know who Bardot is. If they'd said that in my presance I'd possibly have thrown something at them. I was even more annoyed than when an aquaintance of mine referred to Pattie Boyd as "The Original Patsy Kensit" in a mod book (he's already been severely reprimaded, but has since written a book on Marilyn which I daren't even read the cover of for fear of having to smack him).I'm such a tolerant little bundle of joy aren't I. 😉

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