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John Bates for Jean Varon
Yes dear readers, tis that time again. Time for shameless self-promotion (which is basically the point of a blog, right?) and to show you what’s new at Vintage-a-Peel this week. We gots John Bates for Jean Varon (a recorded piece, no less…), Radley, Wallis, Polly Peck, Harold Ingram and David Silverman. Names aside, they’re all beautiful pieces and I want them to go to appreciative new homes (i.e to all of you dear readers). Please do go and check them out at

David Silverman
Harold Ingram
Radley of London

Polly Peck by Sybil Zelker

5 thoughts on “Shameless

  1. OOOh I love the Wallis one.House hunting at the mo, no new clothes until after the move. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But then I'm splurging. I keep asking about fitted wardrobe dimensions, husband explains to agent 'She collects clothes – no, I'm not being sexist, she does actually collect clothes!'.

  2. Fab John Bates/Jean Varon dress. So stylish then and now just as right for hot summer days and nights, the mark of a true classic. Loved his clothes back in the day though couldn't afford them. Just bought the Richard Lester book, 'John Bates: Fashion Designer' and have been drooling over the pictures.

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