Biba: A conundrum for you…

1960s, barbara hulanicki, biba, john french, paulene stone

If this dress was so damn popular, and sold in such vast numbers that Barbara and Fitz struggled to keep up with orders, then why on earth have I never seen it outside of these photos by John French? Does anyone own it? Do any museums possess it? Does anyone remember owning it? Anybody??

11 thoughts on “Biba: A conundrum for you…

  1. Hmmm, I've never seen one either… but I do know a lady who is a fashion tutor who helped sew them all up during the infamous mass order, so they were definitely made. Obvs they were unlabelled and I guess now it seems quite a generic 60s dress so maybe if there are some still out there peeps have no idea it's Biba?!? x

  2. I agree with smashingbird, I think probably a lot of people don't realise that it's Biba. Wasn't this the one advertised in a newspaper? I think that's a very different clientele to the people who would have actually visited the store.

  3. My mother in law owned one! Her soldier husband sent for it our the Mirror for her when he was away. She loved it, wore it – has no idea whatever happened to it and so far I have seen no pics of her in it. A small snippet of a story, but an account of an actual sighting!While I'm here, can I ask if anyone knows anything about a Biba Pram?

  4. I think all theories are very likely, but it seems weird that such a large number of dresses would effectively go missing. As Catherine (thank you thank you!!) has shown us, some people would remember (vividly I imagine) about owning something Biba, and within a few short years would have known that they had something important when Biba became so huge.I suppose they might all have been so 'quickly'-made that they all fell apart, but I would have kept it anyway!

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