Voici les pépées du nouveau James Bond

1960s, angela scoular, Catherine Schell, Ciné Revue, diana rigg, Films, George Lazenby, Ingrit Back, James Bond, Jenny Hanley, joanna lumley, Julie Ege, Mona Chong

Ciné Revue, 23 Janvier 1969.

I am going to roughly translate that as Phwoar!! Check out the new James Bond’s bevvy of dollybirds*, to use contemporary British terminology.

I realise that Mr Lazenby really isn’t much cop as an actor, but a) he isn’t Sean Connery (who brings me out in hives) and b) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service has the glorious Ms Rigg in it, so no criticism is allowed chez Vintage-a-Peel. A great spread from Ciné Revue featuring all the key Bond girls in OHMSS (special mention for Angela Scoular), but weirdly omitting Joanna Lumley. Ah well, enjoy!

* I do realise this isn’t entirely accurate, but a literal translation seemed so boring…

3 thoughts on “Voici les pépées du nouveau James Bond

  1. I consider myself to be a bit of a Bond buff, all the Fleming novels etc, and I rate OHMSS as the best Bond film, despite Lazenby’s limitations.

    1. I think I’m coming at it from a different perspective to most, because Bond as a character leaves me cold. So a two-dimensional character being played by a two-dimensional actor, seems weirdly logical to me. But I know I’m being controversial because people really do love Bond.

      I saw it on the big screen at the BFI a couple of years back and it was incredible. The ski-chase scene: you really understand how it is MEANT to be seen!

      1. Oh indeed. I mean he’s a dreadful character-even in the books, he’s essentially just Fleming’s wish fulfilment (with some awful observations personal to him – homosexuals can’t whistle, that kind of thing!) and in the films he puts me in mind of part Superman, part Fast Show’s Colin Hunt! But for kitsch value and for such a part of our culture, he can’t be ignored. I like your thinking though! And this is a superb film…shame a lot of so called Bond fans disagree

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