Cosmo Gets Delayed at the Office

1970s, cosmopolitan, Diane Logan, Lloyd Loom, personal stuff, Santa Raymond, Studio, Tessa Kennedy, Tim Street-Porter

Photographed by Tim Street-Porter. Scanned from Cosmopolitan, February 1973.

Still slowly settling into my lovely studio space; trying to avoid the pitfalls of the ‘I must fill it up, it must look exactly how I want it to immediately‘ mentality, to which I know I am vulnerable. Slowly, but surely. My beloved Lloyd Loom table and chair are out of storage and awaiting a respray from their slightly grotty boudoir pink to… I don’t know yet.

I am on a promise for an original ladderax bureau unit, inherited indirectly from my grandparents, to store my reference books, magazines and paperwork. The framed pictures are stacking up in the corners, waiting for locations. The last thing I want is for it to feel like an office. I want it to feel like a creative, comfortable studio space. I discovered a long time ago, whilst temping, that a ‘trad’ office environment is really, really not for me.

So while I am developing things slowly, I am also taking inspiration from this fantastic Cosmopolitan feature on businesswomen and their office spaces. The chaos of Diane Logan’s millinery studio is probably closest to my natural style:

“You have to create a look like this out of rubbish*. It doesn’t just arrive.”

But there is plenty to admire and covet in all three.

*I don’t approve of the word ‘rubbish’, but I approve of her sentiment.

Scanned from Cosmopolitan, February 1973.

3 thoughts on “Cosmo Gets Delayed at the Office

  1. Yes, I think I’d go for the milliner’s style too, I love that photo on the wall.
    My office also doubles as my stock room AND I keep a lot of my shoe colletion there too so it’s easy to get distracted from work.

  2. I worked at Warner Bros Music in London during the early 1980’s. I remember quite clearly that the two secretaries for both managing directors each had a phone on their desk, apart from pens and a pad that was it. The telex was in the post room as was the first eventual computer a couple of years later, nobody used it as we didn’t know what to do with it. But we didn’t run around in screaming chaos like most offices seem to do nowadays. Very happy days.

  3. Such interesting articles – and it’s so funny how styles come back around – at first glance I thought the large pic on the first scan was from a recent magazine! It’s a stunning office.

    Stacey @Interaction

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