Vintage Adverts: Deodorant and a free Marc Bolan poster

1970s, marc bolan, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from 19 magazine, June 1973

So disappointed that I’m 39 years too late to get my free Marc Bolan poster. Dang.

6 thoughts on “Vintage Adverts: Deodorant and a free Marc Bolan poster

  1. Yes, and my best friend got me to use the stuff – big mistake! Never felt so uncomfortable in my life – I thought bits of me were on fire, never again – didn’t realise that I might be allergic to the perfume… She thought it was the funniest thing ever and still reminds me of it now, all these decades later! And, she got the poster…

    1. Amazing [coincidence, I mean], and ouchhhhh – you poor thing. Does she at least still have the poster?

      Interesting that women were basically being told they stink even back then. Why is there never a ‘dick deodorant’ for the dudes? Feminine hygiene nazis… 😉

      1. Well, I will ask her – she’s coming out to see me next month (cue lots of girly laughs and gossip albeit of the middle-aged kind) and I can’t wait – it’s been six years since we last met up in Brighton and had a ball then! But, she’s not the magpie type and I bet she has long since chucked it away. .. Sob.

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