Curious Coincidences: Talented 1930s artist vs. Hemingway Design

1930s, curious coincidences, Illustrations

Left: Original 1930s illustrated booklet / Right: 2013 Hemingway Design at John Lewis bag (£30)

How VERY curious.

The John Lewis website says ‘Designed by Hemingway Design and inspired by the Art Deco era’. Miss Peelpants says ‘lazy and unscrupulous’.

With thanks to Mr Brownwindsor for the original and to Nat Ainscough for the spot.

8 thoughts on “Curious Coincidences: Talented 1930s artist vs. Hemingway Design

    1. Sadly, most people seem to see nothing wrong with such things and I’m not sure JL would be any different. I imagine that Hemingway Design (I can barely bring myself to type that) assume that if they can’t find an artist credited, that there’s no copyright infringement going on. Pah!

  1. Well, one’s left and the other’s right. And one is goldenrod while the other is coral. Two BIG differences! Inspired!

  2. so odd to put a deco “inspired” graphic on what looks like a 60s inspired vanity case( I wonder who designed that?)Lazy & unscrupulous gets my vote, Ms P.
    Ruby x
    BTW, talking about curious coincidences, way back in the late 1970s I worked for a company in Benwell Road, at the same time as the 1st commentator on this post.

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