Curious Coincidences: Talented 1930s artist vs. Hemingway Design

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Left: Original 1930s illustrated booklet / Right: 2013 Hemingway Design at John Lewis bag (£30)

How VERY curious.

The John Lewis website says ‘Designed by Hemingway Design and inspired by the Art Deco era’. Miss Peelpants says ‘lazy and unscrupulous’.

With thanks to Mr Brownwindsor for the original and to Nat Ainscough for the spot.

Curious Coincidences: Wendy Brandes vs. Topshop

curious coincidences, jewellery, topshop, wendyB

Swear rings, Wendy Brandes (created 2008)

Swear rings, Topshop (2012)

How very, very curious.

Please check out Wendy’s original post here, and feel free to boycott Topshop in solidarity with a noble (I would never have reacted so calmly) and talented designer.

I get angry enough when they copy beloved vintage pieces, but this…

This post is brought to you by Miss Peelpants’s Curious Coincidences, it’s turning into quite the series!

Edited to note that Topshop have now removed the offending articles from sale with a decidedly formulaic apology.

Curious Coincidences: Hobbs NW3 vs. Biba (via Miu Miu)

biba, curious coincidences, hobbs, miu miu

Biba (modern photo of early Seventies garment) – Miu Miu (spring 2010) – Hobbs NW3 (current season)

How very curious…

Curious Coincidences: Gucci vs. Ossie Clark

1970s, curious coincidences, gucci, ossie clark

Gucci, A/W 2011                                                                      Ossie Clark, early 1970s


Curious Coincidences: ASOS vs. Radley

1970s, asos, curious coincidences, radley

ASOS, 2012                                            Radley, early 1970s

How very curious…
(Original Radley is for sale at

Curious Coincidences: Agent Provocateur vs. Rudi Gernreich

1970s, agent provocateur, curious coincidences, peggy moffitt, rudi gernreich

Agent Provocateur, 2012

Rudi Gernreich, c. 1970

How very curious…