Dip Dyed Drew Barrymore

alexander mcqueen, debbie harry, drew barrymore, maureen starkey

This is something like the reverse colouration I want for my own hair (see Maureen Starkey with the blonde ends) but can’t have for L’Oreal-related reasons. I kinda like it on Drew, and I love the fact that it matches her dress. Admittedly it might look a bit odd with anything other than a matching [so beautiful I want to knaw it off her] Alexander McQueen dress, but kudos for being a bit daring. And a bit Debbie Harry as well. And that bird out of Berlin. I love how happy she looks here. That’s what a great dress can do to a girl….

Drew Barrymore: BIG HAIR

backcombing, drew barrymore

I have been trying this look for weeks now. Each time I find I’m perfectly happy with my endeavours, but somehow I keep chickening out of leaving the house like this. I can’t quite work out why. I’ll leave the house with curls, crimping and weird plait things on the odd occasions I can be bothered to do them in the first place. But the backcombing is proving to be more of a challenge for me. Perhaps it’s something to do with having big hair anyway, and a life-long struggle to keep it under control.

Regardless, I clearly need a good talking to from Drew Barrymore. She’s looking pretty damn fab and retro all over the place right now, era after era, but I think this may be my favourite so far. But then again, I am biased.

Extremely entertainingly, one news report described her hair as buffon. Do we think someone has only ever heard the word bouffant and was making a poor stab at spelling it?