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It seems a bit strange to be relaunching the site after yesterday’s terrible news about McQueen. He was one of the few modern designers I had any respect for, because he was original and strived to be different. I never had the money or occasion to buy any of his work, but I do vividly recall gasping in delight at his work in Harrods (when I was 18 and used to go around there for kicks, and sneer at the finishing on certain other designers’ garments) and toddling off down the road to buy a very, very McQueen-y rip-off in Miss Selfridge. He had that kind of effect on you; his clothes (after you stripped away the spectacular catwalk shows) were pure genius and extremely womanly. May he rest in peaches (see my previous post about YSL).

Designers like him are what inspires people like me into our little niches in the fashion world, and I thank him profusely for that.

So…yeah…the website is back up. It’s been a bit Remade/Remodelled…..and definitely restocked. There’s Ossie, Biba, Janice, JohnB, Billy, Lee Bender; basically you need to go and have a look, don’t you? Go on, you know you want to…..

Dip Dyed Drew Barrymore

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This is something like the reverse colouration I want for my own hair (see Maureen Starkey with the blonde ends) but can’t have for L’Oreal-related reasons. I kinda like it on Drew, and I love the fact that it matches her dress. Admittedly it might look a bit odd with anything other than a matching [so beautiful I want to knaw it off her] Alexander McQueen dress, but kudos for being a bit daring. And a bit Debbie Harry as well. And that bird out of Berlin. I love how happy she looks here. That’s what a great dress can do to a girl….