Cleopatra and France

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If you can see your way past the ‘hell kind of birdsnest’ on Roxy’s bonce, and have a yen to look like a goddess or a Queen, then please do take a look at the Marie France dress over on the site. And if you want to complete the look, there’s little better to add than one of WendyB‘s amazing Cleopatra pieces.

If you aren’t already aware, the gold earrings are set to feature (dangling from the noble lobes of Kim Cattrall) in the new Sex and the City film. Wendy herself has a very similar Marie France dress, bought from Vintage-a-Peel a few years back, which she wore with the Cleopatra necklace and Toni Colette arm candy.

There’s a very lovely silver version of the earrings as well, which I would probably choose. Given a choice. And given unlimited funds. Because, weirdly and purely personally, I’m more of a silver kind of gal. I would, of course, accept platinum as a substitute though. Ahem.

p.s My apologies for the slower-than-usual updating of the blog and website. I’ve now been distinctly under the weather (Truthfully? “Positively consumptive”.) for 18 days (and counting) since a chilly Sunday walk around Worthing. Not that I’m blaming Worthing or anything, but fresh air doesn’t always equal good health. That’s all I’m sayin’. 😉

Anyway, antibiotics have now (reluctantly) been accepted and I hope to be back to normal very soon.

Gorgeous customers in gorgeous gear: Part Deux

gorgeous customers

How on earth did I forget to post this photo before now? Especially given that I took it. (I would take a mini bow for that achievement, but I’m a pretty lousy photographer!) In a very sexy Travelodge, after much stressing about clothes and make-up, about half an hour before we got soaked to the skin trying to see Duran Duran in Edinburgh Castle. Ah well, at least we had some record of our fabulous outfits…

Miss Senti in Bellville Sassoon and Charley in Quad. One day, I’m going to take them onto the Yorkshire moors, with a half-decent camera and get them to run around in all the lovely things they’ve bought from me over the years…cos I’m just so damn proud.

Gorgeous customers in gorgeous gear….

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The very gorgeous Laurakitty (I know you all do already, but check out her brilliant blog sighsandwhispers) posted some pictures of herself on Twitter in a couple of pieces she bought from me. This always makes me very proud indeed, especially given how incredible I know her wardrobe must be.

I’d actually totally forgotten about the Annacat piece above. I normally hoard them like a crazy lady, but occasionally I let one fly free into the world and it’s always lovely when it’s someone I know. Below is the awesome green satin Mr Freedom which was on the website more recently.

WendyB in OssieC from Vintage-a-Peel

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I hope the lovely WendyB doesn’t mind my re-posting her photos of her (and her Zang Toi arm candy) wearing her latest Ossie (to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, no less!) which she bought from Vintage-a-Peel. I don’t often get the chance to see photos of the frocks being worn, although lovely customers often email to tell me where they’ve been worn and it’s always a delight to hear! Check out her blog post here.