Pencil them in, pencil them thin

anjelica huston, claudette colbert, greta garbo, jean harlow, lynsey de paul, marlene dietrich

Sadly, I have no choice. I was not blessed with luxuriant, Audrey Hepburn-style eyebrows. Mine have always been sparse, so I have to choose my eyebrow heroines with this in mind. I rarely go to such extremes as shown here, but I do have to tame the few stragglers and pencil them in a bit. It’s a bit strange to have such thick dark hair on your head, then have the eyebrows of a mousey-person. Sigh.

Sugar Me, Baby

haute naffness, lynsey de paul, pan's people, seventies fashion
This video combines two great Seventies things I have already blogged about: Sugar Me by Lynsey De Paul with very curious dancing by Pan’s People, in the bestest ruffled flares you ever did see. Completely potty, but fabulously so.
Mmmm, now I want cakes and ruffles.

Fashion Icon: Lynsey De Paul

1970s, fashion icon of the moment, lynsey de paul, noosha fox

I must confess that Lynsey De Paul never really registered with me when I was younger, mainly because her songs didn’t particularly appeal to me at that point and I had only seen her presenting some dreadful programme on cable tv. But more recently, I discovered some pictures and utterly fell in love with her style and her styling. She wore Ossie frocks, floppy hats, platform boots, feathers and chiffon. Her hair was the very perfect sheet of Timotei-advert Seventies elegance (much as I may love her, I can’t really get on board with the Suzi Quatro-style feathered haircuts). And her make-up was also exactly what I was aspiring to achieve. She even went out with a Beatle. Although since Ringo is in the doghouse at the moment, I’m not necessarily as jealous as maybe I would once have been.

Why had I forsaken her for so long? Why did I not realise sooner that Lynsey De Paul is my own, blonde, Seventies self? Myself in an ideal world of course, where I actually look like her. I also discovered one of her songs isn’t half bad actually, perhaps Noosha Fox has softened my defences to twiddly, sweet girly Seventies sounds? So here is Sugar Me, indeed very sweet it is too, and doesn’t she look awesome? Lynsey, we salute you!