La Belle Epoque (de Biba)

1970s, barbara hulanicki, biba, british boutique movement, ebay listings

Biba were spearheading the Seventies revival of all things antique, including the ‘lounge’ culture. Spectacular gowns and peignoir sets were made ostensibly for the bedroom but far too good to be restricted to it.

This incredible peignoir set of dress and dressing gown is made in a distinctively Victorian / Edwardian style, with voluminous amounts of fabric and lavish ruffled hems, necklines and sleeves.
You can do some serious swishing in this set, believe me – the photos don’t even show just how much volume there is!

Fit for any drama queen and a very, VERY rare example of this type of extraordinary, idiosyncratic Biba lounging lifestyle.

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