Mad About The Dress

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The lovely Sharon Rose suggested I post more pictures of myself in some of my favourite frocks. Now in theory, that is a lovely idea. In reality, I fear cameras greatly unless I am properly prepared with a shovel-load of make-up and good lighting. Which is why so few photos of me are allowed out into the great world wide web.

However, I decided to post a photo of myself in one of my favourite Biba dresses….nay, one of my favourite dresses period. Mainly because I was completely delighted to see this dress, albeit in pale yellow rather than red moss crepe, worn by the fabulous Paula Wilcox as Chrissie in Man About The House (remade as Three’s Company in the US). I was less delighted to see she ‘fills’ it rather better than I do, but then again…..mine is so teeny tiny I couldn’t fit much more in it anyway! Small boobs can be very handy when it comes to Biba clothes…..

The sleeves are my favourite bit, they’re gigantic (not the biggest though, I think my Bill Gibb takes that particular biscuit) and have a very deep buttoned cuff, which gives a delightful swag. Honestly, this has to be one of my top ten favourite dresses in my closet……

Perhaps at a later date I will post a picture of me in the Jean Varon dress her flatmate Jo is also wearing in this particular episode! Yes, I have both dresses!

14 thoughts on “Mad About The Dress

  1. Yay-Ms Peelpants-You look stunning in this dress! I think I prefer the red to the pale yellow version. You MUST post more pictures of your beautiful wardrobe-I wait with bated breath!!

  2. Thank you ladies!!!I shall try and get more photos of my other frocks….any excuse to go delving in my closet and playing dress up, I just wish I didn’t hate the actual photo process so much!! 😉

  3. If it’s of any interest, and if i may be so bold… i think you look way better in that Chrissie. Her curves don’t really suit a high-waisted dress like that, it looks a tad frumpy. You much more elegant.But i always preferred Jo, so what would i know? Except i wanna see the Jo-dress you’ve got!tim

  4. I am so insanely jealous of you right now! Someday I’d love to shoot you in all of your gorgeous dresses- it seems like it would be a very enjoyable and beautiful experience.

  5. FAB DRESS. The sleeves, the low v neck suits you so fabulously. Sadly when I imagine wearing it, I imagine…the potential indecency were I to find one with my ‘Carry On’-esque chesty bits. :/ Boobs + clumsiness = no Biba for Perdita.

    1. It’s such a weird thing. Biba isn’t really cut for boobs, but it looks so much better WITH them…I’m not sure what the answer is, except to have a tiny ribcage and then let the Carry On-esque heaving commence!

      My boobs are a little bigger than they were four years ago so I might be a little more heaving these days (if I can even get the zip up!) x

  6. Love the dress (remember the style well!).What fun to find it on ‘Man About The House’!. Love coincidences like that.Btw..i bought a long, black, moss crepe Ossie Clark for Radley dress in mid 70s and saw pic of Rihanna wearing same but different colour!. Mine had been used over decades as witch’s cape for Halloween by my daughters! Ps…getting it fixed by professional seamstress, fingers xd!

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