Website treats of the week….

1970s, biba, katharine hamnett, mr freedom, website listings

I managed to completely forget to come and tell you all about the Biba and the Katharine Hamnett dresses I listed on the site a few days ago. So I’m telling you now, go check them out – they awesome!!

And now I’ve just listed another bevy of beauties over at Vintage-a-Peel. There’s even a Mr Freedom. Now I’m really just spoiling you aren’t I?

Green satin Mr Freedom playsuit and skater skirt set

Black satin/crepe bias chevron Polly Peck evening dress

Adorable bow print ruched dress by Shelana

It’s a Polly Peck week! And this awesome feather jacket would go superbly with the dress above!

And, lastly but not leastly, a fabulous pineapple print cotton skirt by Sportaville with buttons to make Lee Bender proud!

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