Baby Doll Make-up at Woolworths

Illustrations, Make-up, Vintage Adverts

If I could find a huge batch of unused Baby Doll make-up, I’d be one happy bunny. Even if it had been used, I’d still happily display the gorgeous packaging. In fact, if I could be an illustration I’d probably be the Baby Doll girl. Yes I know that’s weird, but she’s adorable!

I don’t remember Woolworths (RIP) having a make-up range at all, so it must have been a Sixties/Seventies thing. Regardless, their adverts are amongst my very favourites of all vintage advertising.

4 thoughts on “Baby Doll Make-up at Woolworths

  1. Who did these ads I have a pair of pants with these girls on them The pants are signed Bob Mayfield . I got them at a used store . I Looked online and cant find the artist anywhere . I have a postcard as well i got at some store with these adverts on them . Can anyone help?

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