Sud You!

1970s, hand tinting, Inspirational Images, james wedge

No, I’m not being rude, it’s the actual title of the article which accompanied this amazing photo by the endlessly fabulous James Wedge (19 Magazine, March 1974). I love his photos. I love his hats (remind me to photograph mine some day…). I love his look.

It’s quite like his hand-tinted photo which has always been one of my favourite images in the Marnie Fogg Boutique book. Amazing!

2 thoughts on “Sud You!

  1. That photo is gorgeous. He gets mentioned so often in accounts of the period yet we so rarely see any of his multifaceted work. Someone should definitely do more research on him… Oh, err, I guess that could be me…

  2. Was it James Wedge who did that amazing Biba poster with the reclining naked lady in hat and veil? He certainly had a talent for making super sexy fashion photographs that weren't tiresomely lewd or borderline misogynist (I'm thinking Guy Bourdin here, although I can't help but be a fan of his too!) Yes, laurakitty, do some research! We need to know (and see) more about him.

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