Ossie Holy Grail

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I met up with the gorgeous Laurakitty yesterday for an Enchanted Palace experience (at Kensington Palace) and then prosecco and vintage geek talk near the birthplace of Biba on Abingdon Road. Laura has one of the most incredible collections of Ossie Clark clothes, many of which would definitely be something of a ‘Holy Grail’ for me.

Ossie holy grails are a strange subject I suppose, since I have a not-too-insubstantial handful of covetable pieces myself, but it doesn’t do to become too complacent about the idea of ultimate pieces by designers you love. New discoveries are what keeps the passion alive. Love Me Do is probably one of the ultimates, as is the Hockney portrait dress, but sometimes I think I would dearly trade either in for, say, this one as worn by the impossibly beautiful Marisa Berenson.

That said, I recently bought an Ossie I had lusted after for years. And now I have it, I’m not convinced it suits me.

Holy Grails are strange things. What are yours?

5 thoughts on “Ossie Holy Grail

  1. Sounds like a fantastic day. As for holy grails, I'm not sure I have any. Some of the iconic designs I absolutely love would make me look like a complete pudding because, sadly, I'm not ethereally beautiful like Miss Berenson. Don't you find that sometimes you can try on a humble unlabelled piece, or even a home made one, and it somehow works its magic on you and looks fabulous? I really enjoy those kind of surprises.OK, I'll cut the crap – anything tailored by Schiaparelli, preferably from her Circus collection but I'm not that fussed. Or the sumptuous white quilted satin jacket by Charles James that was in the V&A Surrealism show . . .

  2. For me, it would be a pair of Biba suede boots. I once met a girl who was lucky enough to have a pair but they were broken by the end of the night. I was just as gutted as she was. Also, anything by Foale and Tuffin would be amazing.I've got a Jean Varon black babydoll mini dress with tons of ruffles but unfortunately when I was overcome by it's lovely-ness I failed to notice the fact that the shape of the dress made me look preggers. And it's very tight across my shoulders. I've only worn it once for fear for ripping it. And now my holy grail is in a pile of stuff to sell. Heartbroken.x

  3. It was so lovely to meet you!I still cant decide what my holy grails are, but as soon as I have a chance I will put up a blog post about them.And this Ossie is just lovely- I might just have to add it to my list!

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