Gimme Biba

biba, keith richards, menswear, seventies fashion, the rolling stones

I have just listed a rare piece of Biba menswear over on eBay. Not only is it a rare piece of Biba menswear, it’s also the same print as one worn by the divinely dissolute Keith Richards. I’m 99.9% certain that Keef’s is a bit of ladieswear, probably stolen from a girlfriend or even just from the rails of the boutique (as so many people did) but it’s a pretty cool coincidence nonetheless, non?

In other news, I would like to say hello to anyone who has just found me via The Guardian’s ‘Internet Picks of the Week‘ feature. Hello! If you want the promised feature on Scopitones, you can find that here.

3 thoughts on “Gimme Biba

  1. It looks like a man's shirt to me. If you examine the placket, it buttons left over right. Stylish of Keith to have chosen it (though one hopes he paid for it, the Stones being richer than Croesus, after all).

  2. I always get confused with which way buttons go, it's a weird blind spot of mine, but it looks to me like the jacket is open – and therefore the button is sitting, unfastened, on his left hand side. Which would make it a girls jacket. If it's buttoned up, then you're right. But I assumed it was open and the scarf thing was hanging in between the edges of the jacket….The Stones are only rich because Jagger is a very clever tightwad, non? I have no idea about Keef though, but one would assume that with enough substances and arrogance sloshing around, one might wander out of Biba with the odd thing. I'm pretty sure I've heard tales of other rockstars doing such things!! Allegedly….. 😉

  3. Well Mick is clearly wearing a girl's top: apart from anything else, using anon's criteria, it buttons right over left. That makes it very likely that boys wearing girls' clothes is the theme of this photo. Game to Miss Peelpants!

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