Mensday: About a lucky man who made the grade…

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The Hon. Tara Browne in a maroon silk suit chosen by his wife, Nicky, left. By Major Hayward. Gold shirt, Turnbull & Asser

Both Tara Browne and Brian Jones were at the height of their fame, fortune and follicular glory here. Neither would see the Seventies. Indeed, Browne wouldn’t even see out the year this feature hails from. Quite extraordinary to see them together in the same spread from Men In Vogue, November 1966. They even managed to date the same woman (Suki Potier was the passenger in Browne’s Lotus Elan when he died, and would later be comforted by Jones – dating him, on-and-off, until his death in 1969.)

Photographs by Michael Cooper.

Brian Jones, a Rolling Stone in a double-breasted black suit, striped red and white, chosen by Anita Pallenberg, above. Bright pink shirt, scarlet handkerchief and tie. All bought in New York. Black and white shoes found in Carnaby Street.

As an aside, I was amazed to read, for the first time, that there are actually people in the world who believe that Tara Browne underwent extensive plastic surgery to ‘become’ a replacement Paul McCartney. Because McCartney actually died in a motorbike accident in Liverpool [just before Browne faked his own death], dontchaknow? I mean no offence to a beloved Beatle, but why on earth would anyone bother? Nobody bothered doing that with any other dead rock star at the time.

I’m quite the arch timewaster myself, but even my mind boggles at the years people devote to such patently ludicrous things.

Mensday: The Smiley Stones

1960s, Mensday, the rolling stones

Scanned from Television Stars Annual, 1966.

Awww, what a nice, clean-looking group of young men…

Mensday: The Rolling Stones

brian jones, keith richards, Mensday, menswear, mick jagger, the rolling stones

Just because I love the photo. Brian is wearing Celia-print Ossie Clark gear, for which I adore him. Even Icky Micky looks acceptable. All-round thumbs up and gurgles from me…

Scanned from A History of Fashion.

Mensday: Brian Jones

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Just because. Because it’s unfair that The Stones have only lost one member after all these years, and it was the beautiful Brian Jones. (And The Who and The Beatles have both been depleted by 50%. ‘S’not fair.) Because he died exactly ten years before I was born (to the very day…). Because he loved stripes, ruffles and brocades. Because he wanted to look like Fran├žoise Hardy. Because he named both of his sons Julian. Because he wore Celia prints. Because men don’t look like that any more.

And because of photos like this…

Gimme Biba

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I have just listed a rare piece of Biba menswear over on eBay. Not only is it a rare piece of Biba menswear, it’s also the same print as one worn by the divinely dissolute Keith Richards. I’m 99.9% certain that Keef’s is a bit of ladieswear, probably stolen from a girlfriend or even just from the rails of the boutique (as so many people did) but it’s a pretty cool coincidence nonetheless, non?

In other news, I would like to say hello to anyone who has just found me via The Guardian’s ‘Internet Picks of the Week‘ feature. Hello! If you want the promised feature on Scopitones, you can find that here.

Dreamwear: Bianca Jagger in Zandra Rhodes

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Dreamwear: Bianca Jagger in Zandra Rhodes

I must confess that, beyond thinking ‘poor love, imagine being married to that’, I didn’t always have particularly strong opinions on Bianca Jagger. I knew the legends, and I knew she was a stunner with a propensity to wear beautiful clothes, but The Stones aren’t my strongest musical suit and I couldn’t work up much enthusiasm for someone who had actually bothered to get married to Mick. Don’t even get me started on the whole Jerry Hall thing (she should have been Jerry Ferry, it’s just not right….).

Then I read her section in Wendy Leigh’s excellent book Speaking Frankly: What Makes a Woman Good in Bed (which you can pick up for as little as 70p on Amazon these days). Most of the content is boring, some is sordid (hello Angie Bowie), some is misogynistic (hello Oliver Reed, surprise surprise) and some is really rather lovely (hello, ummm, Roger Daltrey. And Serge Gainsbourg, the old rogue).

Bianca’s is a lovely, long, rambling analysis of a Catholic upbringing and a rather sweet, romantic and restrained adult love life. Which doesn’t quite fit with how you’d imagine any wife of a Rolling Stone to be. Not least one who partied at Studio 54. But then again, Bianca has that other-worldly quality which rises above groupie, girlfriend or just ‘wife’. She’s classy. Much as I loathe Jagger, he did have awfully good taste in women at times.

So here is a stunning Sunday Times Magazine feature on Bianca, wearing Zandra Rhodes’s incredible creations, from October 1972. She is my new hair idol, particularly that last shot… Check back tomorrow for the Zandra interview and photograph…

Dreamwear: Bianca Jagger in Zandra Rhodes

Dreamwear: Bianca Jagger in Zandra Rhodes

Dreamwear: Bianca Jagger in Zandra Rhodes