Put some Vintage-a-Peel into your Autumn wardrobe….

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Janice Wainwright

Ongoing, as ever, but I’ve put up some new listings over at Vintage-a-Peel for your delectation. Two things have already sold (hurrah for me and my gorgeous buyers, not so hurrah if you wanted them, but there’s plenty more to come!) but there’s just a whole host of beautiful new pieces to choose from.

Forbidden Fruit

Jacqui Smale for Spectrum

Wallis Shops

Catherine Buckley

Frank Usher

Hang Ups, Too

Lee Bender for Bus Stop

unsigned 1970s moss crepe


Bridget at Strawberry Studio

Yvonne Jacovou at Cornelius


unsigned 1930s

John Bates for Jean Varon

Kiki Byrne

4 thoughts on “Put some Vintage-a-Peel into your Autumn wardrobe….

  1. One of the main reasons to why I wouldn’t mind a hefty lottery win, would be so that I could go on one almighty shopping spree in your shop!You have the BEST selection of vintage attire my dear. I so wish you had a real shop, so that I could pop in intermittently and gaze longingly at the garments & you’d be like “Oh, no it’s that dress stalker woman again, that never actually buys anything!” ;)…xXx

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