Boutiques on film

biba, carnaby street, just looking, kensington high street, king's road, london aktuell, mary quant, ossie clark, sixties

I’m currently avoiding the cold (and the general public) by working on some gorgeous new listings, including Biba, Janice Wainwright, Marie France and many more, and immersing myself in my beloved clothes, films, tv and music – like some strange, velvet-clad hobbit.

Thankfully, gorgeous people like Laurakitty are on hand to point me back towards the amazing person on Youtube who has access to footage from the German programme ‘London Aktuell’ and a whole host of seriously groovy easy-listening music of the era. I posted about this a while back, but hadn’t realised some new editions had been posted. Utterly droolworthy the lot of them, and containing precious footage of Carnaby Street, the King’s Road and Kensington High Street. ‘Scuse me while I dribble…

7 thoughts on “Boutiques on film

  1. wwwoooowwwwww. I actually squealed out loud when I saw the close up on the Biba velvet trousers & then again with the Ossie coats. This must be the greatest programme ever made! 1969 is the best year.

  2. These are a couple of my fave clips. Apologies if you've seen them previouslyKing's Road keep an eye out for Hung On You, which later became's Westwood and McLarens address at 430..More on the same theme some rubberised suburbanites shopping at Sex – probably the bread and butter customers rather than spiky punks

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