I do try not to laugh at the Seventies…

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…mainly because I don’t find it very hilarious. But the craptastic nylon bowlcut wigs, which Honey magazine seem to have just loved using endlessly in 1970-71, get me everytime.

Then they go and do a unisex craptastic wig advert and I’m just speechless….

10 thoughts on “I do try not to laugh at the Seventies…

  1. Ha ha ha! Great post! Me and my butt skimming long locks spent all our $ trying to win that very wig at the big wheel on the boardwalk in the summer of 69.. I still want it. LOL Skyboot

  2. Indeed.However, I have to say: I still love pink bob haircuts on girls. They have to be quite young to get away with it though. But they look so pretty. But of course, I was an 80's/90's indie kid.

  3. The 70’s is the only decade that I would ever want to relive…given the chance. Early 70’s even more so…Best time of my life…Even with all the bad things that happened to me…The pleasant memories out way the bad ones.
    People were friendlier and more accepting of others. There was non of this “Political Correctness” gone rampart as it is now.
    We know the saying…”If I knew then…what I know now”…Well…Yes..I would choose differently.

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