Diana Rigg and Philip Saville

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It’s approaching February the 14th. So naturally I am reading articles about Diana Rigg and Philip Saville’s decidedly unconventional relationship and wondering how to mark Monday without “letting down” my grumpy single self from a couple of years back. Like any modern girl, but possibly not really, I can’t decide whether I’m a hopeless romantic or a hopeful cynic. But it’s definitely nice to live in a world and an era in which you can choose for yourself…

There was very little in the British press about their relationship, but the German magazines appear to have loved writing about them! Not sure where these photos actually come from (possibly the article I’m linking to up there?) they were languishing in a ‘to do’ folder from my days as a webmistress. Sorry!

Mensday: What to wear to get your man / What to get your man to wear

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Beautifully photographed and styled shoot with the slightly needy/domineering title as above. Curious.

Doing what I do, I’m in a good position to find and gift some [what I think are] beautiful clothes to my boyfriend. But I’m always hyper-aware that I don’t want to be the kind of girlfriend who tries to mould or change, in style or in any sense. And while I certainly enjoy dressing well for his delectation, I’m not the kind of girl who is ever really going to dress just to please a man. I consider it a happy accident that we have very similar sensibilities, so it’s not something I really have to worry about these days.

It’s a hard balance to strike, because our notions of sex-appeal and prettiness are invariably influenced by what we know men find appealing. Even the ‘anti fashion’ brigade dress in a way which they know will appeal to a similarly ‘anti fashion’ kind of man they might fancy. They may deny it, but it’s hard to separate style and sex-appeal on any level. An unwearably bonkers couture dress still reeks of money and power, which are alluring to many a man.

I’ve always had a slightly Good Cop/Bad Cop approach to dressing for my previous boyfriends. Rarely have they ever truly appreciated everything I’ve owned. On a good day, for them, I would shove ‘that top I don’t like’ to the back of my closet. On a bad day, for them, I would wear the exact opposite of what I knew they liked. I enjoyed knowing that it reflected badly on their taste, and well on mine of course.

From Petticoat, July 1969. Photos by Brian Songhurst.

If I walked into a club and saw three men dressed like this lot, I think I’d have to do a star jump onto them. Yum!

I do try not to laugh at the Seventies…

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…mainly because I don’t find it very hilarious. But the craptastic nylon bowlcut wigs, which Honey magazine seem to have just loved using endlessly in 1970-71, get me everytime.

Then they go and do a unisex craptastic wig advert and I’m just speechless….

Veruschka: A re-think

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She’s starting to grow on me; I think it’s jawline empathy or something. Sexy guy; very well dressed, as well. I think there was a series of these, and I will scan more if I find them again.

From The Sunday Times Magazine, February 21st 1971

How to make an entrance

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Last minute party sparkle: a sip of Dom Perignon champagne straight from the bottle, “That way I don’t spoil my lipstick,” says Bianca.

I like her style.

It never ceases to amaze me how many ‘new’ pictures of someone can turn up, even after all these years. Sometimes I wish I still had my Diana Rigg site, just as an image archive, so I had somewhere to plonk anything new I come across. Ah well, blogging is my only outlet these days so that’ll just have to do.

A fantastically frothy and superficial spread on ‘How to make an entrance’ from Cosmopolitan 1974 with Bianca Jagger, Diana Rigg (wearing John Bates, no less), Angharad Rees, Christophers Cazanove AND Gable and Rose Marie (who was in Stardust, apparently. I don’t remember her….)

Bianca Jagger makes a point of arriving when the “audience” is assembled and waiting…. actress Diana Rigg loves walking into a party alone-“I’ll leave on my own, too, if I feel like it,” she says. Singer Brenda Arnau stalks into every party as if it were the jungle, her silver ceremonial bracelets clanking. With one exception, our celebrated ladies chose dresses in dramatic red, black or white. A party is no time to hide your light under a bushel. So, as the actresses do, take three deep breaths-and you’re on, baby…

Brenda Arnau

Daniel Massey and Jill Townshend

Angharad Rees and Christopher Cazanove; Christopher Gable and Rose Marie

Happy 13th February: St. BryanGod’s Day

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Don’t forget to tell your nattily dressed other half how much you love their style, and their very pretty hair, on this very important day.


It’s just as arbitrary as tomorrow 😉

Serge et Jane, Jane et Serge

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Has there ever been a sexier pairing on the planet? (Or, even, a more naked woman in the Sixties than Jane Birkin? But that’s another blog post altogether…) The chemistry practically jumps out of the pictures and slaps you around the face…