Mensday? Mednesday? Whatever. It’s Menswear Wednesday!

david bailey, Mensday, menswear, mr fish, rupert lycett green, sixties, Vogue

I’m thinking of turning Wednesdays into Menswear days; something tasty to cure the midweek blues. But I can’t decide if ‘Mensday’ is just too cheesy, even for me? Regardless, here is Mr [Michael] Fish wearing one of his own pieces, alongside one of Rupert Lycett Green’s flamboyant creations for Blades. Dribble….

Vogue, January 1968. Photos by Bailey.

7 thoughts on “Mensday? Mednesday? Whatever. It’s Menswear Wednesday!

  1. Love that velvet affair on the right. Similar to one of Elvis's double breasted outfits which pops up for just a few frames in the 68 Special. A black velvet number if I remember

  2. "Mensday" or "Mednesday" – yes please! Your previous menswear specials have never failed to delight, so a regular spot would be fabulous. And I had no idea how handsome Mr Fish was – I think I was getting him mixed up with Tommy Roberts, who was cute but no dish! Aand I've just spotted a book title at the bottom of this article which I must seek out.

  3. Mensday sounds fine to me, and I too love that beautiful velvet suit on the right, it's very fetching! Not as keen on the frilly sleeves, but still it's great!

  4. Went to my hairdresser's today and he was wearing a velvet bowtie just like that one on the right, in burgundy.The rest of his outfit was good but not as good as this.

  5. Oooh…I do like the velvet jacket! Roger Moore wore one in dark green in The Persuaders. Of course, Jon Pertwee dressed like that as Dr Who, so it's definitely "right up my era"!Happy New Year. 🙂

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