Avenging Knits

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I’m frequently wittering on about Emma Peel, John Bates, Avengerswear…blah blah. But I have continuously forgotten to scan and post this fabulous double page spread from Vogue (October 1968) of a range of knitwear ‘inspired’ by Linda Thorson’s Tara King character and produced by Ballantyne. I’ve never heard of any Tara Avengerswear gear before or since, perhaps because her wardrobe was pretty dreary half of the time – thanks Alun Hughes, and it’s always struck me as rather sad that she didn’t get her own ‘range’. Even Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale had a range designed by British couturier Frederick Starke!

So it’s awfully nice to know she at least had her own line of cashmere knits. Hurrah!

p.s I am terrible at identifying models, but I love love love her hair.

4 thoughts on “Avenging Knits

  1. Margaret, I shun thee!!!! (Not really!!)They did go through a phase of showing it on BBC4 last year, and then The New Avengers, but only the Emma Peels which I have on DVD anyway. Would love to see more Taras, and earlier….although I find the Cathy Gale ones a bit clunky from memory. There was such a huge leap from the live-filmed grainy video quality to the almost movie-style filmed Emma Peel episodes. Like a different show entirely.Miss Rayne, she has the odd nice thing from what I've seen but then I never much like Alun Hughes's designs for Diana Rigg – so I figure he'd just given up trying by that point! "She has a bottom?? Oh sod this, I'm going down the pub…"

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