Inspirational Images: Béatrice Dalle

1980s, beatrice dalle, betty blue, Inspirational Images

A happy three hours were spent snuggled up watching the director’s cut of Betty Blue the other night. Like a lot of iconic French actresses, Béatrice Dalle is dark, petite, pouty and seemingly a little bit loopy. All good.

If I thought for even a moment that I wouldn’t hate it within a week, I would get my hair cut exactly like this.

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Images: Béatrice Dalle

  1. Shockingly, I've never seen it! You have gorgeous long hair, and it would be folly to cut short. Mine was a constant mess so perfectly acceptable, but you shouldnt waste your gift 😉

  2. I've gone back to long hair after many a year with a 60s-flicked-bob do. Have discovered the 'joy' of it taking ages to dry and style.Now considering a trip back to flicked-bob-land!

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