Vanity Fair: Pat Cleveland and Gala Mitchell

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Dress by Antony Price from Che Guevara

I must admit that I am generally pretty ambivalent when it comes to model worship, but two of my absolute favourites are Pat Cleveland and Gala Mitchell. So imagine my delight when I found another issue of Vanity Fair from 1971 (December this time. Again, falling apart. What’s with the Vanity Fair binding?) and an entire spread with the two ladies I love? Imagine my further delight when I realise the shoot contains phenomenal clothes by Antony Price, Alice Pollock and Alcasura [sic]. It helps that it was photographed by the great David Montgomery (whose photos always seem to tickle my fancy).

Outfit by Alice Pollock. Shoes from Zapata.

Outfit by Alkasura. Shoes by The Chelsea Cobbler.

Dress by Simon Ellis from Just Looking

Dress by Martha Hill

5 thoughts on “Vanity Fair: Pat Cleveland and Gala Mitchell

  1. My husband has a pair of crushed velvet Alkasura trousers, very much like the ones Steve Marriott wears in those Colour Me Pop clips. Absolutely beautiful there are, wish I was able to fit into them, they're proper slim. Though I'm sure I'd soon ruin them if I could wear them.

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