I have so many questions about this image…

1970s, haute naffness, menswear, platforms, Vintage Adverts

…but I don’t think I actually want any answers. I find it a bit thrilling, if I’m honest.

11 thoughts on “I have so many questions about this image…

  1. All that for a carpet ad' – A.Mazing! I'm not actually that taken with the wall-to-wall, wool or not. But the rest of the pad I'd love to have..glorious

  2. Love this, either they are being ironical or suggestive."the secret of the Quando Carpet by bremworth is its good breeding"I could see Mrs whitehouse getting upset over this one.

  3. I imagine he's actually been thrown out of the bedroom, LOL! Perhaps the lady in his life dressed seductively in a pink fluffery lingere and he arrived home late… or with another woman. Or maybe even another man. So she threw the shoes at him and banished him and her coverlet thingy got stuck on the door handle as she fled grumpily out of the room.I have an over active imagination. Love the picture. It conjures such images.

  4. They still make carpets and their office on the ad was literally just around the corner from my old office!Awesome advert, although the name sounds like a sort of real ale or, possibly, a position from the Yorkshire equivalent of the Kama Sutra..

  5. Original caption "The ladies didn't call George a minute man for nothing".On an amusing note my "word verification" for this comment is "slurt", maybe that should be the caption!

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