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Some gorgeous new listings over at Vintage-a-Peel, including two pairs of amazing original late Sixties boots; one white pvc and one dark blue canvas. Both have been prised from my hands by dint of being just a smidge too small for me. Curses!!

There’s also a group of beautiful dresses; Gina Fratini, John Bates for Jean Varon, David Silverman, Polly Peck and original 1970s Miss Selfridge. Yum!!

7 thoughts on “Bootiful

  1. How utterly fab! If those gorgeous boots don't fit you they'd be no good for me either, more's the pity.I'd forgotten how awesome Miss Selfridge used to be. Along with Wallis it was a high street treat back in the 1970's. xxx

  2. Oh my god the purple boots are amazing! May I ask what shoe size you are? I'm trying to figure out if they'd fit me but might be too big…

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