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LEFT TO RIGHT : Tan studded leather cowboy boots £12 99, from selected branches of Dolcis. Chisel-toed leather cowboy boots, imported by Frye £28, from Barnaby’s Pavilion, 18 Kensington Church Street, W8 (mail order 30p); branches of Bally. Fringed leather ankle boots with thick crêpe sole £16.99, from main branches of Russell & Bromley. Blonde soft leather lace-up knee-high boots with stacked soles and heels £30, for stockists write to Frye Boots, 21 St James’ Road, Surbiton, Surrey. Blue suede ankle boots with yellow trim. Reflection & Light £18, from Antiquarius. 135 King’s Road, SW3. Dark brown stitched leather knee-high cowboy boots £24.50, from Barnaby’s Pavilion. 18 Kensington Church Street, W8 (mail order 30p). Leather ankle boots £24.99, from all branches of Sacha. Leather jodhpur boots. Chelsea Cobbler £24 99, from Chelsea Cobbler. 33 Sackville Street, W1 Draycott Avenue, SW3; Top Shop. Peter Robinson, Oxford Circus, W1 ; Way In, Hans Crescent, SW3.

Illustration by Mick Brownfield.

Scanned from Honey, November 1974.

Step in Time

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Suede shoes and leather platform, Sacha, £5.99, with Quant cover-up tights, 75p. / Sacha leather boots, with no parking stripes, £12.99, with Quant cover-up tights, Peter Robinson. / Suede Jumbo boots, £14, order from Charman boots, 26, Hartland Road, NW1. Quant cover-up tights, 75p. / Sacha ankle-strap shoes with high heels, £6.99, with Quant tights, 75p. from Fenwicks, W1. / Suede laced clog-boot, £8.80. Mr. Wik, 8 St. Alphage High Walk, EC1. with Quant cover-up tights, 75p. / Bata suede shoes with heart applique, £4.49, with Quant striped ribbed sox, 90p from Peter Robinson. / Sacha suede and leather gaucho wedge boots, £10.99 with Quant tights. / Suede crepe-soled shoes, £5.50 from Ravel branches. Quant tights, 75p from Hammonds of Hull. / Quilted suede gaucho boots, Russell and Bromley shops, £32, with Quant cover up tights, 75p. / Tri-colour suede slipons, Sacha shops, £5.99 with Quant multicoloured striped sox, 75p, from Fenwicks W1. / Suede court shoes, Bata, £4.49, Quant bee tights, 75p. / Emma suede boots, £16.50.

Autumn’s first boots and shoes, taking a backward look at the Fifties and beyond, a forward glance at what the later Seventies will bring. But you don’t need us to tell you the way things are going . . . just take a look at the pictures. Step out in those fantastic clumpie soles and vamps, lots of shady suedes and all the pretty quilting, patterning and painting you like.

(Before you ask, all of them please!)

Fashion Sue Hone.

Photographed by Jean Claude Volpeliere

Scanned from Petticoat, 4th September 1971.

Inspirational Editorials: The rest of the picture

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accessories chelsea cobbler shoes andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Chestnut leather walking shoes, edged with ocelot-printed calf from The Chelsea Cobbler

There aren’t many accessories shoots worthy of scanning – the majority tend to be fairly static and unimaginative. So kudos to Andreas Heumann for this gorgeous set of pictures which manage to do justice to the contents.

Photographed by Andreas Heumann. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vogue, September 1973

accessories nigel lofthouse bag andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Cream suede handbag with stitched appliques by Nigel Lofthouse at Che Guevara; City Lights Studio. Cream kid gloves by Bill Gibb for Miloré

accessories Clive Shilton bag andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Cinnamon suede clutch bag by Clive Shilton.

accessories gibb gloves andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Marbled scarf by Marbles. Marbled leather gloves by Bill Gibb for Miloré

accessories moya bowler boots andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Black suede ankle boots, furred and laced, by Moya Bowler.

accessories rayne brogues andreas heumann vogue  sept 73

Honey suede crocodile print calf lace-ups from Rayne.

Shoe Porn: Terry de Havilland boots, 1972

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terry de havilland boots

Boots by Terry de Havilland, £17.50 and £22.50 at Derber, 79 Wardour Street, W1

Talk about a holy grail…

Photographed by Marc Leonard. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Vanity Fair, January 1972


Two shoes by Dianyk, both £8.50 at Derber, 79 Wardour Street, W1


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Some gorgeous new listings over at Vintage-a-Peel, including two pairs of amazing original late Sixties boots; one white pvc and one dark blue canvas. Both have been prised from my hands by dint of being just a smidge too small for me. Curses!!

There’s also a group of beautiful dresses; Gina Fratini, John Bates for Jean Varon, David Silverman, Polly Peck and original 1970s Miss Selfridge. Yum!!

Inspirational Images: Mild Sauce

1970s, boots, Inspirational Images, jilly johnson, mild sauce

Jilly Johnson photographed by John Kelly.

Scanned from How To Photograph Women (1984)


1970s, boots, platforms, stripeyness, Vintage Adverts

This advert from 1974 just makes me want the stripy boots, never mind painting my boots just one bright colour. It also always makes me think of the delicious Doug Reynholm’s homemade suit in the last episode of The IT Crowd; a very fine way to occupy the days before a trial.

Inspirational Images: Donbros knitwear

1970s, boots, Inspirational Images, knitwear, petticoat magazine

Petticoat, September 1971

Bagsy the middle outfit with the purple boots on the right… there!

Country Style

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Smock with matching rayon skirt from Van Der Fransen.

Smock with matching rayon skirt from Van Der Fransen.

[…and, a word in your ear if you sell vintage magazines]

I buy a lot of vintage magazines, this can come as no surprise to you all. Sometimes they come with pages missing, which has not been noted by the seller. This is Bad Practice, obviously. Not only is this amazing spread (March 1972) missing at least one photo (of a Foale and Tuffin piece, no less) but I also cannot credit the photographer because 19 magazine credits at the beginning of the spread. Bad form, magazine seller, bad form*.

Nevertheless, it is such a gorgeous spread that I couldn’t resist scanning it and posting. It’s utterly perfect inspiration for this balmy weather we’re having if, like me, you refuse to strip off and roast your flesh…

If anyone has this issue and can complete it with the missing photos and photographer ID, then I would be eternally grateful. Ta muchly! xx

*For the record, I contacted the seller and received no response to my complaints. Sigh.

Hat by Edward Mann. Shirt by Bus Stop. Skirt by Angela at London Town.

Hat by Edward Mann. Shirt by Bus Stop. Skirt by Angela at London Town.

Shirt from Bus Stop. Skirt from Forbidden Fruit. Boots by Biba.

Shirt from Bus Stop. Skirt from Forbidden Fruit. Boots by Biba.

Shirt and skirt by Bus Stop. Hat by Van Der Fransen.

Shirt and skirt by Bus Stop. Hat by Van Der Fransen.

Top and skirt by Forbidden Fruit. Hat by Van Der Fransen. Boots by Biba.

Top and skirt by Forbidden Fruit. Hat by Van Der Fransen. Boots by Biba.

Vintage Inspiration: Efva Attling

1970s, boots, efva attling, Inspirational Images, platforms

I didn’t know who Efva Attling was until I noticed I’d saved this image on my computer at some point and promptly googled her. I think I was entranced by the whole look of it, and I still am. Her boots are amazing, as is the rest of the outfit, and I wholly approve of the arm candy – whoever he may be. A sharply dressed man with big hair and facial fuzz…mmmm!

I also love the fact that her first name looks improbable. Efva….I love it!