Mild Sauce: Katy Manning-pants

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Every day (no exaggeration) I receive a steady stream of google hits involving Katy Manning and her knickers: Jo Grant knickers, Katy Manning and Daleks, Katy Manning naked… there was even one hit for ‘Jo Grant telepathic knickers’. I have no idea what telepathic knickers even are, but I’d sure like to see some. Or perhaps just sense them.

It’s partly my own fault, since this post ranks #2 on google if you search Jo Grant knickers.

Anyway, so that it’s all here, in one place (for those delightful Who-perves who are so desperate for the sight of a now-64-year-old’s knickers, bum and boobs) I’ve sought out as many images as I could for your delectation. For my usual non-perve readers, I do apologise and normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

For my American readers, and to clean it up in here a little, here is Katy Manning in some ‘pants’ as opposed to her British pants.

And here, no doubt, is Katy’s reaction were she to read this post….

7 thoughts on “Mild Sauce: Katy Manning-pants

  1. Katy Manning was cute, but I always had a crush on Liz Shaw (Caroline John)! Must've been the brains as well as the "unconventional" beauty and the Helen Mirren-ness of her lovely nose. Well, there goes my reputation…

  2. I think you'll gain a whole new host of new fans with this post! I loved Jon Pertwee as Dr Who, definately the golden age of the series whatever people say now. xxxPS Yes, there's somthing about the 1950's clothes, I try them on and feel all trussed up and like a prim housewife. You need to get wearing your 1970's stuff, even if it's just to show me on Facebook.

  3. Well, there goes my reputation…I think Liz Shaw is one of the finest Who ladies. Definitely one of my faves. She wore some pretty amazing gear and was a 'classier' mini-wearer than Jo Grant, who was less adept at preserving her modesty.

    You need to start a new section of Who-porn.Like it's not bad enough already? 😉

  4. I met Katy Manning recently and, if I’m honest, none of these pics ever did anything for me, and in the show she was kinda… far from my favourite companion. Saying “Doctor?!!” with wide eyes all the time will not endear you to me. HOWEVER Katy herself has a crazy sexiness, however old she is now. I just found my 24 year old self flirting with her. She signed something for me with like a million kisses, haha, totally the highlight of my life.

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