Must See Vintage Films: The Adventures of Barry McKenzie

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Ok, so perhaps the term ‘must see’ is not necessarily going to apply to most [sane] people, but if you’ve got an appetite for the naff, kitsch or questionable tastes in life (and as a reader of my blog, I fear this may be the case…) then The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) should be right up your street.

The film is based on the comic strip from Private Eye, written by Barry Humphries and illustrated by Nicholas Garland, and follows the eponymous Aussie hero as he fulfills his dead father’s wish to expand his cultural horizons in London. Ending up in Earl’s Court (where else?) a series of mishaps and misunderstandings lead Barry to an unspeakable dénouement in a TV studio. I am not even going to attempt to explain that.

Barry, Barry and Willie Rushton

Starring Barry Humphries in an early outing as plain old Mrs Edna Everage, Barry Crocker as our hero (Crocker is now married to Miss Peelpants-favourite Katy Manning and is best known to us ‘Pommy Bastards’ as the original singer of the Neighbours theme tune), and with cameos by Spike Milligan and Peter Cook, it is certainly quite an amazing period piece. Demonstrated perfectly with an incredible, possibly unique, shot of Barry and a friend walking down Marlborough Court. Yes, you can see Irvine Sellars ‘Mates’ boutique, Take 6, Aristos and Foale and Tuffin!!! Much excitement abounded….

Further still, one young lady is slinking around her apartment in the most perfect Zandra Rhodes outfit….

And then Peter Cook manages to floor me with a fabulous Betty Grable-printed t-shirt. I have no idea who this is by, so if any menswear geeks ever find out – please do let me know!

Mild Sauce: Katy Manning-pants

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Every day (no exaggeration) I receive a steady stream of google hits involving Katy Manning and her knickers: Jo Grant knickers, Katy Manning and Daleks, Katy Manning naked… there was even one hit for ‘Jo Grant telepathic knickers’. I have no idea what telepathic knickers even are, but I’d sure like to see some. Or perhaps just sense them.

It’s partly my own fault, since this post ranks #2 on google if you search Jo Grant knickers.

Anyway, so that it’s all here, in one place (for those delightful Who-perves who are so desperate for the sight of a now-64-year-old’s knickers, bum and boobs) I’ve sought out as many images as I could for your delectation. For my usual non-perve readers, I do apologise and normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

For my American readers, and to clean it up in here a little, here is Katy Manning in some ‘pants’ as opposed to her British pants.

And here, no doubt, is Katy’s reaction were she to read this post….

Chirpy chirpy, not very ‘Cheap Cheap’….

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Thank you thank you thank you, lovely anonymous reader (please let me know your name or online ‘alter-ego’ so I can say thank you properly) who commented on the previous post with this amazing vintage spot.

Sally Carr from Middle of the Road, wearing the iconic Mr Freedom hotpant outfit. It also came with the knee length variation, as worn by Olivia Newton John.

It was also worn by Miss Peelpants favourite, Katy Manning (Jo Grant in Doctor Who) for a few publicity shots, although I have no idea if she was in the hotpant or baseball short variation.

It was clearly one of their most popular pieces, and does occasionally turn up at auction (with an appropriately hefty price tag). I have never owned the complete ensemble, but I do have a polka dot ‘skater’ dress with matching frilly knickers by Mr Freedom, which I must photograph and share very soon.

Thank you, also, for introducing me to Sally Carr as a potential style icon. I haven’t found many decent photos online just yet, but she does seem to be a hardened hotpant girl (which is to be admired, worshipped and generally cooed over).