Mensday: Pinning down pin-ups

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If you have already looked through the pictures in this feature, picked out your idol, or dwelt lovingly on the reckonable men there, THEN . . . it‘s very likely you‘re immature. 

Thats the psychiatrists opinion, anyway. They state the facts, saying that most girls outgrow their attachments to film or pop stars when they become mature, and that these attachments are safety-valves for pent-up emotions.

This is stating facts without criticising. But it‘s worth taking a closer, critical look at just what these attachments can do to one’s life. Basically, we feel, it‘s fun to sigh or scream over a pop star, and harmless to take a fancy to a film star. But a lot of girls don’t leave it at that. 

Very soon, the pinning-up and pining becomes an obsession with them. They find it increasingly hard to construct real life doings, because they’re in a glorious never-never world of mental communication with an unattainable, transcendental man. This doesn‘t call for any effort on their part, whereas carving out a real life, and real relationships, does. So they take the soft option. Though, if they stopped to think about it, they’d see which turns up the thumping great bonuses in terms of personality-enrichment, and which keeps one simmering away in a state of negative-thinking infantilism.

So, beware. lf you spend any more than the occasional minute thinking about lover-boy, not only may you be tending dangerously towards obsession, but also you‘re wasting a lot of time, which you might spend making life interesting in reality, instead of only in imagination. ln just one half-hour of idle dreaming, you could be doing, learning, enjoying things, even if they‘re as un-strenuous as Capable-Kating a dress, or experimenting with Meringues Chantilly. 

This doesn’t mean we suggest you all take vows never to go near a discothéque or cinema again. Just that you get the pin-up scene in proportion. Pop records and films are meant as an adjunct to life. If you start thinking of them as life itself, then you are, in effect, drugging yourself, distorting reality.

But if you can realise all this and say: okay, but my thinking David Warner is fabulous only adds another interest to an already interest-packed life, then that’s fine. Go ahead. Ahead to our Pick of the Pin-Ups.

Honey Magazine, July 1967

I’m sorry, what were you saying unnamed Honey staff writer? I was too distracted by Terence Stamp’s eyes and Oliver Reed’s exquisitely sexy scars to pay much attention to you…

13 thoughts on “Mensday: Pinning down pin-ups

  1. You know when you see a box of chocs and the yummy wafer caramels are balanced by orange creams and other dubious fillings…? Yeah, that, mr Editor-from-the-past.

  2. Perdita, haha!! Personally I can only really see two orange creams in that selection, so it's not bad going really.I will fight anyone, no matter how much I like them and their blog, for Olly Reed. So just watch out, you time-travelling ladies. That's all I'm sayin'… 😉

  3. That photo of Steve McQueen has me swooning…But how could they dare put it next to a photo of Cliff Richard! Ugh!And that has to be the least flattering photo of Mickey Dolenz ever- he looks like a mongoloid.

  4. Oliver Reed was my first Teenage Crush and I still think he would have made a fab James Bond he was considered for the role before Roger Moore , his Biography "Reed all about me" is very interesting , also had a soft spot for Peter McEnery.

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