Mensday: Bowled Over

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In my teenage years, I developed a bit of a weird thing for cricketers. It was much ridiculed by my peers, but there was just something about the smart trousers, jumpers and lazy, peculiarly English feel of a cricket match which was like some kind of catnip to me.

It has lessened dramatically over the years, but I definitely think it was some kind of reaction to how horridly many men dressed in the town where I grew up. As I met more well-dressed men, I realised I was simply craving smartness, an effort, something ‘different’. So I’m very taken with the snazzy Seventies take on the look in the Aquascutum advert above. The beautiful illustration doesn’t hurt either…

Scanned from the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, May 1977.

5 thoughts on “Mensday: Bowled Over

  1. I freely admit to having a thing for cricketers! Only in their whites, mind you, not in those bright pyjama things. Next Wednesday I shall be stalking Alec Stewart as he's star guest at a corporate cricket match. Crumpet ahoy.MOAR Mensday cricketers, plz! 😉

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