One face, four moods

Clio Goldsmith, hair, Honey Magazine, Make-up, seventies fashion

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t bear to type it out as ‘1 face/4 moods’ in the title. It just looked so clunky. Regardless of such pedantry, this is a stunning two page spread. Wild child and temptress are the clear winners, for me, because I am clearly both. Ha! Ho! Hee!

‘Coolly freaky hair’ is exactly what I aspire mine to be described as. I’m starting to think I just need to get it permed and be done with it…

Scanned from Honey, February 1975. Photographed by David Steward.

8 thoughts on “One face, four moods

  1. I have thin hair and used to have perms for years. I've been seriously considering getting a body wave and whenever I mention it to people they always say, "Perms are so 80's". I even had a hairdresser say that some salons don't even do them anymore. I loved the body that it gave my hair and I could go days without having to wash it. I love your blog! I'm a first time poster.

  2. If you go for the perm I'd love to hear how it goes – I think if the right person does it could be fab , but I've always been a little worried about the damage (as I colour mine frequently too). Wild Child is how I would look everyday if I could!

  3. Such a hot poster. Each and every face is beautiful and has its charms and the way her hair was done was very pretty for all four pics too. It’s a shame that these days people are so scared of strong makeup and it’s glamourising effects which I love of course. But it’s curious the way the two pics on the right show the more minimal makeup looks and even hairstyles that would not look out if place today. In the bottom right pic the model looks like a bronzed Latina woman. Very modern.

  4. I love the bottom left pic called Wild Child because the model looks like Marc Bolan having a sex change and becoming Marcia Bolan…in a very good way!

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