Inspirational Illustrations: A Love Story

1970s, Illustrations, jean max perramon, nova magazine

Illustration by Jean Max Perramon. Scanned from Nova, March 1975.

Sometimes you find a beautiful image like this, google the artist and find out wondrous things about them. Sometimes you find nothing. Sometimes, you find something deeply sad.


3 thoughts on “Inspirational Illustrations: A Love Story

  1. Wow, what an ironic and poignant story. I too love to search for names of the illustrators of these vintage designs, buried in old magazines, and post a bit about them when i can… they are generally uncredited and forgotten but with the most fascinating stories, many of them were background characters in historic periods like the Glamourous days of Hollywood or Swinging London. Uncovering a great story or character makes the artwork all the more mystifying or heartwrenching or iconic.

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