If I use a vintage stamp, and the oldest postbox I can find…

1970s, oliver goldsmith, platforms, Vintage Adverts

…can I please send off for these goodies?

Images scanned by Miss PeelpantsĀ 





5 thoughts on “If I use a vintage stamp, and the oldest postbox I can find…

  1. I wonder whatever happened to CORRUPTION in Kensington Market ?? …I'd be a regular customer if they still existed, i'm obsessed with finding the perfect boot lately and seriously thinking about getting a pair made!and I'd definitely order several of those button front tops.. and the buckled belts!

  2. Oooh!! Belt and boots!! They just don't make adverts like these any more, and I really feel that they should. It makes the whole idea of buying clothing seem as though it's much more of an event and something to get excited over than just nipping to Asda and keeping your fingers crossed that they've cut whatever item of clothing it is into a reasonable shape!!I really love your blog so much, I do read it whenever you update. I can't wait till I'm the right size to actually start wearing vintage clothes again – but I'm really finding that this is helping so much to keep me focussed. So thanks very much, Miss Double-P!!!xx

  3. I had a pair of corduroy flares in the early Seventies and you could hear me coming a mile off, as the trousers slapped together.You really would not want to wear clothes from the Seventies unless you are seriously into polyester and bri-nylon. Also, the deodorants in those days, left yellow stains in clothes and rotted the fabric. I think it's better to admire them from afar!

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